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  1. 17 hours ago
    To be fair, even people I know in real life keep hounding me to watch Rick & Morty and that doed actually sound quite good

    And I know I shouldn't, but I laughed a little bit reading that. It's such a humdrum show, like Songs of Praise is probably more wild than that show mad.
  2. 18 hours ago
    I never caught Futurama it's never really appealed to me. Same for Rick & Morty.

    And look at you, you'll be hosting Pointless or have a seat on Eggheads with tidbids like that
  3. 18 hours ago
    I think it's more nostalgia for me more than anything. I got the box sets for 9-12 as a kid and spent basically entire summers watching them.

    Someone once told me that the show started to decline when Family Guy started becoming big, so they were trying to directly compete with it. But the staffing changed as well like you said.

    Even though I do kinda like 9-12, they miss the heart the older seasons had to them. I can't remember the name of the episode, but the one where Skinner gets fired and becomes friends with Bart was actually kinda touching. Then my fave episode Summer of 4'2" which is hilarious but heart warming and nostalgic.

    I know though, it's a shame. I do see them stopping it in the near future though. Especially with Disenchantment coming out which I need to check out actually!

    It's not as if that just happened either, Season 23 was early 2010s. Mind blowing
  4. 18 hours ago
    Bart's face when Marge says that is incredible

    And of course it would be Homer. I need to rewatch that episode and the older seasons as a whole. I only caught the Bort scene through binging YouTube.

    For me, season 9 is where it starts to slip. I think 9-12 while being more inconsistent is still pretty good. Behind the Laughter is one of my favourite episodes, for example. I can't be bothered with the new seasons and I haven't watched them for years now. I really hope they cancel it to be honest to preserve its legacy.

    Also, I read that Maude has been dead for more episodes than she's been alive for which blew my mind.
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