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  1. 08-23-17
    There are so few films that feel epic and small at the same time. I loved it. Really beautiful.
  2. 04-07-17
    Hey, I was wondering how you were able to upload the full Excel Sheet for the 60s Countdown onto the forum because I'm hoping to do the same thing for the Sci-Fi Countdown. Thanks!
  3. 01-30-17
    Nope, not even started the most recent season of Brooklyn Nine Nine yet. I haven't been watching tv at all in ages, only really started again like last week.

    haha i'm with you. I almost cried with happiness when i read there was going to be 18 Hours of it . Yeah, i'm six episodes into my rewatch and i'm loving it again. Been posting about it in the Twin Peaks thread, going to take my time with it since there's still a few months.
  4. 01-29-17
    Never seen Californication; i've always noticed it on Netflix and been curious since David Duchovny is in it. Might try it soon. I skipped the It's Always Sunny Premiere since it says it's a musical one and i wasn't the mood going to go back to them, i watched episodes two and three and posted about them here - http://www.movieforums.com/community...29#post1633829.

    Wasn't crazy about the Watepark one mainly because i didn't like Charlie and Franks or Mac and Dee's subplots much. The next one was an improvement though. Also been rewatching Twin Peaks since it's starting again in May.
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