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I run this here joint. Biography
Pittsburgh adjacent. Location

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  1. 08-14-20
    Dammit, I forgot to put that last 0 on "2020" in the thread I just started
    Any chance of a title change?
  2. 08-12-20
    "The confusion argument is the only one that doesn't make at least some sense to me, since it's comically easy to say "f--k" or "f**k."

    I just feel uncomfortable censoring myself like that, so for me it's definitely not comically easy.
  3. 08-11-20
    This is not the only place to have censors (sitcomsonline use them too), so I don't really understand that reasoning. I know what you are trying to say, but I don't think removing censors would intellectually dumb down conversation or anything. Like I said, this only created confusion in this case since I was clearly talking about two different words, which is difficult to figure out now.
    Where we disagree is in the philosophy. You think the rules are encouraging people to post better. I find them too restrictive and a little untrustworthy, that people should be able to think for themselves instead. I would get it more if it was just stuff like racial epithets.
    We'll just have to agree to disagree.
  4. 08-11-20
    All right, I'll stop, but I still think the censor is a needless and outdated practice. No 10-year-old is ever gonna care about Movieforums, and in this case it just creates confusion in the post.
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