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Will your system be alright, when you dream of home tonight?
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I used to be addicted to crystal meth, now I'm just addicted to Breaking Bad.
Originally Posted by Yoda
If I were buying a laser gun I'd definitely take the XF-3800 before I took the "Pew Pew Pew Fun Gun."
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  1. 02-03-09
    That's great, did ya just watch it?
  2. 02-03-09
  3. 01-19-09
    Oh that sucks,I just woke up, I was actually surprised that I could make it to sleep.
  4. 01-19-09
    Hey Lennon, what's up?
Predators   7/21/10
All in all Predators was not creative, not good, and defiantly not worth it, just go watch the first one peopl

No Country for Old Men   5/11/09
I'm not talking about Anton's sexy voice, which no denying that it is, I'm talking about sound quality

Manhattan   5/10/09
But to get the feel of New York, you have to listen to a New Yorker's music collection

Goodfellas   5/05/09
Overall this was kind of disappointing. it was built up to be the greatest movie friggin’ ever, but it really

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