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Will your system be alright, when you dream of home tonight?
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I used to be addicted to crystal meth, now I'm just addicted to Breaking Bad.
Originally Posted by Yoda
If I were buying a laser gun I'd definitely take the XF-3800 before I took the "Pew Pew Pew Fun Gun."
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  1. 08-28-12
    Re: BB. Heh. I have a guess as to what prompted you to say that, but you'd better tell me lest I spoil anything...

    And thanks for the well wishes.
  2. 08-26-12
    Awesome. Episode six is particularly good, too.
  3. 08-26-12
    Hahahaha. How many episodes?
  4. 08-25-12
    Oh, thought you already started. Well, cool all the same, enjoy! I'm always up for talking about whatever point you're on if you want, since I've seen most episodes more than once and it can be hard to read along in those threads while still avoiding spoilers.
Predators   7/21/10
All in all Predators was not creative, not good, and defiantly not worth it, just go watch the first one peopl

No Country for Old Men   5/11/09
I'm not talking about Anton's sexy voice, which no denying that it is, I'm talking about sound quality

Manhattan   5/10/09
But to get the feel of New York, you have to listen to a New Yorker's music collection

Goodfellas   5/05/09
Overall this was kind of disappointing. it was built up to be the greatest movie friggin’ ever, but it really

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