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  1. 12-27-20
    Starting on the next step of the journey and build my own sounds with synths. Kinda excited and intimated.
  2. 12-27-20
    Still just working on figuring out the interface, but I am learning it quickly. Here's a 8 second random blip.!AhxlAqRf3_HPvS_wP6bnQ2O2PqJF
  3. 02-07-20
    I’m working up to rapping over that track Mr. Mustache. I have an idea for it but I am going to try some other things first. Whatever vocals I do put on it is gunna be hype worthy. I can feel it
  4. 11-24-19
    Cool. I’ll be sure to listen.
The Spanish Prisoner   4/23/21
I like David Mamet too, but the insulting contrivances, tacky ending, and shortsighted main character seem way

Soldier   3/01/21
The most interesting part of the movie (Todd's character arc amidst the township) should've been given a lot m

Death Race   2/26/21
made movies for teenage boys who blew out their ear drums listening to nu-metal and carved S into their desk

Oblivion   2/20/21
This is also one of those movies that makes me play decibel hockey with low mumbles and loud action scenes, pr

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