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  1. 05-29-17
    Thanks, all fixed. The additions are semi-automated, so this always happens a couple of times when we first add them.
  2. 04-10-17
    I can't help but love your username.
  3. 04-10-17
    Very odd! Oh well. Thanks for answering. Hope you don't mind me bugging you with questions to try to debug stuff from time to time if it comes up.
  4. 04-10-17
    Thanks. And you're clicking on the posters that show up by default when you load a profile?

    Sorry for all the questions, just having trouble figuring this out! The links in question look normal to me, though for you they seem to just have the movie's ID number and not the text (IE: /movies/36647_.html rather than movies/36647_blade.html).
Ghostwatch   10/08/18
There's a certain level of uneasiness to seeing the people in the room acting very posh and professional and

Whistle and I'll Come to You   10/05/18
There's also a 3 minute picnic scene in the middle of the film which also adds nothing to the film

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels   9/30/18
An insanely entertaining film, the best kind of film

Jack Frost   9/23/18
When I saw this HoF I thought of the film and said *GASP* That's the perfect film to nominate

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