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  1. 06-01-18
    I don't know what he can do about this. It's like when Ronda Rousey fought Holly Holm. If Drake steps in the octagon again, it might be like when Rousey fought Amanda Nunes. If he doesn't come in with some nasty, snarling disrespect, it's just gonna look corny.
  2. 06-01-18
    Yeah, dude. Pusha ain't no Meek Mill. Goddqmn. And Duppy wasn't bad, but it looks like dog sh*t next to Adidon. Push is too fierce, and it makes Daytona looks even better. And man, he even went after 40 with the multiple sclerosis. ON MS AWARENESS DAY. I saw a tweet that said this is first diss track that led to receiver having to have a press release.
  3. 06-01-18
    You caught up on that Pusha/Drake beef?
  4. 03-10-18
    You still going to finish the Best Picture Hall of Fame? I've been very curious to see what you think of Gladiator. Rocky is disqualified, btw. Don't know if you've watched it/written it up yet but Sarge dropped out so it's not in the running anymore.
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