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  1. 04-10-14
    Awesome avatar!

    Rastapopoulos is one of my favorite graphic novel characters.
  2. 04-10-14
    Welcome to the site!
Blue Ruin   11/15/14
This is only Jeremy Saulnier's second film, yet he proves himself adept behind the camera and delivers an acco...

Gone Girl   10/18/14
I think announcing what happened early on was the film's death knell for me, as I lost a great deal of interes...

Inglourious Basterds   10/18/14
What I do feel with Tarantino's films is that they follow, by and large, a set formula: in Django Unchained, w...

Shallow Grave   10/10/14
Danny Boyle has stated that of the films he has directed, this is his father's favorite, and that whenever a n...

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