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Happily married; mom of four, stepmom of two—all grown; grandma of one; living the dream! Biography
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"Weird Al"; writing; reading; movies (duh); crocheting; PC adventure games; alternative music; computers; guinea pigs; urban wildlife in my back yard Interests
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  1. 08-03-17
    Hey Austruck . Is there any chance you could send me a top ten movie stars list for the Countdown, please? There's someone who may or may not be on your profile banner that only needs one more vote to make it
  2. 03-20-16
    Lorne Greene.
  3. 11-15-14
    Be more specific. What kind of info are you hoping to glean?
  4. 11-15-14
    Hey, do you frequent any writing form blogs? I've added one or two to my news reader but figured I'd ask you, as well.
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Cinderella Man   6/04/05
There were some amazing things in this movie, including the roles of Crowe and Paul Giamatti, a vastly underra...

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