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will never lose that Loviní Feeliní
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  1. 10-04-15
    I've never been good with art. Playing music is the only thing I have ever been good at. Have you ever posted any of your work?
  2. 10-04-15
    Noticed your avatar because I love watercolor too. Started working with it about a year ago and am taking a watercolor course now. Do you like working with it too?

    Bill Murray is amazing!
  3. 10-04-15
    Did you change your avatar recently? If I'm remembering correctly you had a different one with a similar style?
  4. 06-04-15
    Valhalla Rising is what made him catch my eye.. the ability to act with expression and movement without words... only the best actors ever can do that!!
Predator   8/14/16
The opening assault on an *insert any generic bad guy camp you have seen from any action movie* is a necessary

The Drop   7/28/15
Bob (Tom Hardy) keeps bar at his cousin's Marv (James Gandolfini) bar in Brooklyn

Ex Machina   4/26/15
The majority of the film revolves around Caleb and his interaction with Nathan and AVA

Falling Down   1/15/15
Falling Down is a film about a man (William Foster) who finally snaps, when he cannot bear the perceived injus

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