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Just think about if World War I World War II Vietnam Pakistan and all wars never happened if the bubonic plague never happened too. The world would be so over populated that there would be no room for countrysides.
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  1. 3 weeks ago
    I'd need to be more fully invested in pro wrestling again, which I am kind of teetering on getting back into it and just letting it be, to give a good answer to why NJPW isn't doing it for me. It's mainly that I feel like it's more trying to look more like a dance than a contest. I know it's fake, but what I appreciate is when it happens in its own universe where it's real. I don't know if that makes a lot sense, but it's something I haven't fully formed yet. I do want to watch more Okada, because from what I've seen, I like him a lot more than Omega and Tanahashi.

    Nog is Nogueira(sp?) Big Nog specifically as he has brother who fought at a high level too. Pride had some ******* wars, man. I am getting excited just thinking about it, I might have to revisit them too.
  2. 3 weeks ago
    Seriously though, if you ever decide to branch out to older stuff with MMA, Pride is the way to go. I would check out all of Sakuraba's Pride fights, and then as much as 05-07 Pride as you can get your hands on. Cro Cop, Wanderlei, Fedor, Nog, Shogun. It really was the dopest time for MMA.
  3. 3 weeks ago
    Re: Pro Wrestling. When I am in it, I am pretty picky with what I like. The modern NJPW style isn't for me. Pro wrestling critiquing on a large scale basically only comes from one place: Dave Meltzer, so there is pretty much only one style that gets love on a large scale. You have to dig a little deeper if you are a fan of other stuff. It can be time consuming for somebody who isn't super into it. 90's All Japan, mid-00's IWA-MS, and 1980's Memphis and Mid-South till I die. Oh yeah, 80's and 90's Lucha too.
  4. 3 weeks ago
    MMA message boards are usually pretty awful, at least in my experience, so I don't know how much you can get from them. That said, yeah, I don't think we'll ever see another Pride. Pride pretty openly encouraged steroid usage and was all about extravagance with tournaments and had the money to pay the fighters comparably to the UFC at the time. I don't really know enough about Strikeforce to say how good it was, but it feels like Bellator is at least that level now. The UFC puts out so much content now that the cards aren't as stacked as they used to be, but we do get to see a lot more fights and fighters. It's hard to keep up with now, but that could be a good problem to have.
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