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I love movies but often my tastes in them don't match up to those of other "movie buffs." I'm also highly opinionated, so if I offend you, sorry. Biography
Northern California Location
Besides movies, I love music (mostly classic rock) and fiction writing. I'm currently working on my first novel. Hopefully I'll finish it in this liftetime. It's only been 13 years in the making so far. Interests
Veterinary receptionist/assistant Occupation
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  1. 37 Minutes Ago
    No problem, understood. Sorry about that. I was totally perplexed at first, then actually ran into a related issue with missing errors, which made me think "Huh, I don't remember setting this up for mobile..." followed by my brain lighting up and realizing this explained your thing.
  2. 1 Hour Ago
    Ohhhh, I think I know what this is. It was to SC, right? I'll bet he turned off his PMs, and the mobile style just doesn't have a copy of the error template.
  3. 2 Hours Ago
    Huh. I can't duplicate this. When you say on mobile, you mean both on the mobile style, and using a mobile device (phone)?
  4. 2 Hours Ago
    Thank you for all of the movie commentaries. I also loved the Song Tournaments we had together. If you stick around here, good luck. Your presence would probably be better off among people who will really listen to you. All my
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