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“Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.”
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  1. 6 Days Ago
    Thought that might've been the case. I think she's got me on ignore, and she probably tried to put you on it before figuring out she had to do it manually haha.
  2. 1 Week Ago
    I'm trying to be nicer here haha.
  3. 1 Week Ago
    Yeah, got several rep for it so people did see it. No problem, thanks.
  4. 1 Week Ago
    Is there any way i could have my weird coincidences thread moved somewhere so people will see it? Or should it stay there?
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The saving grace of Hollywood tropes is that, when they become pervasive enough, more thoughtful writers and d...

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