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  1. 05-17-20
    I'll probably swap a couple out in a few years
  2. 10-16-18
    Good response!
  3. 10-16-18
    I've met your avatar.
  4. 09-24-18
    Watching Burning and i'm not even joking there's a line that says "There's already too many Gatsby's in Korea". Not offering context just thought you should know your people are revolting against you
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Venom   10/20/18
Yknow when I knew Venom would be a mediocre film...

The Grand Budapest Hotel   10/13/18
You could say that I've developed a sweet tooth for this colorful, zesty, and delicious dessert of a film - or...

The Prestige   10/04/18
Nolan has never been good with dialogue, and this lapse in an otherwise talented filmmaker shows in several pl...

Thor: Ragnarok   11/04/17
For example, the hilarious bickering between Hulk and Thor during the film's mid-point is because Thor wants t...

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