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I'm a Nigerian banker spam-bot, and I once went free-climbing with William Shatner. Biography
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I read a lot, mostly history and scifi/modernist fiction. I also try to watch a movie every day or two and I'm a life-long doodler. Interests
I work in an East Asian library. I also go to school part time for math, and I'm currently taking classes on probability theory and differential equations. Occupation
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  1. 09-10-09
    Thanks for the + rep
  2. 04-14-09
    Sorry, just found your inquiry from late March about my comment on "Like" can turn into love, but you can't reverse love into like. Someone always gets burned by love's dying embers. That was just a personal observation, but I've listened to so much country music that the dying embers image may be related to tunes like "Ashes of Love." There are some ladies with whom I was romantically involved at times who I came in contact with some years later and it seemed just like old times (funny thing, there were no fun turn-back-the-clock moments with ex-wives). But very quickly I'd start remembering why it didn't work out the first time around. It didn't bother me so much because for years I was afraid of commitments so I'd come and go without attachments, but it hurt them and others, none of whom I ever meant to hurt. However, time is the great fixer--enough time passes and you can no longer pick up ladies in honky tonks even if you have a $50-bill taped to your forehead.
  3. 03-20-09
    Hey mullet lover. Internal dialog much? I keed, I keed. I was thinking about you earlier today for some reason. Can't imagine what that reason could have been though.

    Anywho...Thought I might drop in to say cello to you and yours.
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