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  1. 11-18-16
    Dude. Your profile.
  2. 09-06-16
    Escuse me, maybe you know about it, have you read Oyasumi Punpun by any chance?
  3. 03-01-16
    YEAH IT'S THAT, perfect thank you D u da best
  4. 03-01-16
    Can I ask you about an animation? I mean I saw something a while ago and i don't know where is it from, but I see that you watched a lot of nineteen's anime and movies of sci-fic. The only thing I saw basically was a woman, and a hand that like get inside her from her stomach, and goes up, it's like the hand drowned, like the stomach was water, pretty weird. It wouldn't be odd if you don't have a clue about what I'm talking about XD but I still wanted to try.
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