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  1. 03-11-13
    Cool. Just to be on the safe side.

    I think more of ASoS has been spoiled for me (it happens sometimes when I go online just to remind myself who someone is, or make sure I have some relation right), but strangely it doesn't even bother me that much.
  2. 03-11-13
    Yo, you posted that last comment on your profile rather than mine, so I didn't get a notification. Might wanna wrap some of that in spoilers, too; was being deliberately vague since these are publicly viewable.

    I'll just reply in the thread and stuff.
  3. 03-11-13
    I knew something was coming, yeah, and I was pretty sure that was it. But still. Yikes.

    Pretty sure that's gonna end the third season. People are gonna freak.

    Where do you come down on it? I've heard more people say they think it's really necessary and really important than say they hate it. And the ones that hate it seem to realize their hate is pretty much just an emotional reaction.
  4. 03-11-13
    I just read that part in A Storm of Swords. I MUST TALK ABOUT IT.
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