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  1. 10-27-20
    I tried to trade Cam, but I couldn't find any takers.
  2. 10-27-20
    I was feeling pressure to get another back on my team. I've offered up several different trades to different people, not once getting back any positive feedback. I just had my worst week, so I'm worried about what's going to happen with my team. Dak going down may have ruined CeeDee's season. Sterling Shepherd coming back and Daniel Jones being not good may have ruined Slayton's season. I gave up on AJ Green too early, even though it was several weeks of him looking like garbage. Every time I pick up a TE something happens and they disappear. I've sort of been carried by my kicker production, and this week Koo gets only 2. I'm in trouble.
  3. 10-20-20
    Excellent! I'm so pleased you liked it. Sometimes I use a song that I not only love, but want a particular player or two to be exposed to, if they hadn't heard it before. This was one of those times and you're one of the participants!
  4. 08-12-20
    A comment crafted as only a Spaulding could do it.

    You donít have to leave a reply, unless of course you feel like it or have further questions or whatever. Though I guess superficial in places, I feel like I got around quite well in that long ass reply.

    Edit: dammit there it is again! ďassĒ... ugh. Guess you were right
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