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I forgot the opening line.
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My movie ratings often go up or down a point or two after more reflection, research and rewatches.

Latest Review : Days of Heaven (1978)

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  1. 11-26-21
    thank you and thats really cool cause i only watch it cause elizabeth olsen is on it shes one of my favourite actresses and i loved the movie so i bought the dvd today
Days of Heaven   6/08/23
It wouldn't come as any surprise to learn that this is a film which features a great deal of narration - I don

Herod's Law   5/18/23
An example of an analogy in this film is the one of people and nations - when Juan meets Robert Smith, the lat

The Verdict   5/14/23
It's a great film for those of us who are sick of corruption, and want to believe that court is the great leve

Sunset Boulevard   5/05/23
Seitz was the cinematographer who once again worked his noir magic on this film, and as he had with Wilder fil

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