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  1. 08-12-20
    I honestly don't understand. Why would that be at all uncomfortable, let alone more uncomfortable than digging up an umlaut or something?
  2. 08-12-20
    Sorry, I think I may have edited the comment after you read it. Just a heads-up, rephrased/changed some things.
  3. 08-12-20
    The confusion argument is the only one that doesn't make at least some sense to me, since it's comically easy to say "f--k" or "f**k."

    I don't really follow the logic that it's "untrustworthy." I trust me the most, and I think I'm affected by it, like anyone else. Culture is subtle. People love to think that how they talk or how they think is separate from who they are, and that they can keep all this stuff compartmentalized, but I just don't think that's how people work.

    I've thought about this a lot, for a very long time. And I should note that the standards are much looser than they once were, which I think demonstrates that the rules as they are are based in experience, and not just mindless dogma. If you still disagree, and genuinely believe there's no benefit at all to the forum's culture, then we'll agree to disagree.
  4. 08-11-20
    I've posted responses to that sentiment before, though for some reason I can't find it now to link back to it, so I'll summarize:

    The idea is obviously not to shield 10-year-olds from curse words. The idea is to force people to be a little more thoughtful, and to signal to members (and prospective members, since the overwhelming majority of our visitors are not members) that this place is a little different than the rest of the Internet, which has little to no rules for such things. I'm convinced it makes a noticeable difference in culture. It's fine if you disagree, of course, but I've been doing this over half my life and have as much incentive as anyone to try to find the right balances, and it seems clear to me it helps create the kind of place I'd like this to be.
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