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Reaction to squished burgers, a mental breakdown.
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  1. 09-27-14
    But I am not Bickle.
  2. 09-27-14
    Hey, you're the one with Bickle as your avatar.
  3. 09-27-14
    Not creepy at all.
Big Hero 6   2/15/15
The action scenes are wonderfully detailed, microbots as a weapon for the masked antagonist were effective, pr...

Deliverance   2/12/15
Most people don't look at this film as one of revolutionary impact, but 60s displayed men of the macho-istic t...

Walkabout   2/06/15
To sum it all up, Walkabout is a tremendous film with some of the best cinematography to ever grace the silver...

War of the Worlds   2/04/15
I don't know if that's a fault on the director or actors' part but the film remains just a film because of tha...

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