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The Emerald Isle Location
Too weird to live, and too rare to die.
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  1. 09-17-14
    Ya couple days back, liked it quite a bit. I really need to read some Hunter S. Thompson
  2. 09-17-14
    I now know where your username and profile picture are from,
  3. 02-27-14
    Just like to say thanks for all the +reps on my reviews guys .
The Exterminating Angel   8/07/14
Certainly one of the best films from the sixties, The Exterminating Angel deserves to be watched with no prior...

In Cold Blood   7/30/14
Hauntingly filmed in black and white, with sensational cinematography, (particularly the scene with Perry disc...

Black Christmas   6/13/14
That is, until one of the sorority girls goes missing and along with another young girl reported missing, a se...

Inside   6/11/14
As part of the youthful New Wave of French horror, l'intrieur, is an extreme, gory and twisted film, shot on ...

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