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  1. 07-01-19
    When are you planning to start the Animation HOF?
  2. 03-24-19
    For sure! That's also why I waited a bit and I knew you were almost done so I thought I would throw it out there just to test the waters.

    I'll ask him... Hmm, can you add people here? @seanc you lazy mofo are you with us!?

    edit: okay **** you can't... I'll go ask him then haha
  3. 03-24-19
    So.... are you and Sean up for dissecting some Kubrick in the near future?
  4. 03-16-19
    I know. I was going to throw one together last night and never did. Sorry to disappoint you brither.
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Despite what they've gone through Moonee and Halley have a great mother daughter bond as evidenced by those en...

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Obviously with the writing and screenplay being a major force it wasn't necessarily imperative to have complet...

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