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  1. 10-11-11
    Yeah it is!

    Hitchcock's masterpiece
  2. 09-06-11
    Nah, man. It's too loose. So, I'm just chilling here. xD
  3. 09-06-11
    Howdy there, Mister Stranger!
  4. 09-01-11
    Agreed, re. the polkas. I have to laugh if I hear his polka versions first... and only later hear the original song on the radio. Someone will hear me singing along with the original and I have to admit I know the words only because I "know the polka version," which raises an eyebrow. His best polka version, IMHO, is either the Rolling Stones medley or the Bohemian Rhapsody in polka form. The video for that (with the Wayne's World clips) is hilarious.
Michael Jackson's: This Is It   8/23/11
However I was very upset where most of the performances have film interludes such as when Michael Jackson perf...

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