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  1. 11-08-18
    Keyser's Kinematic Kwiet Korner
  2. 08-31-18
    Enjoy the reviews, people should be reading your thread more, haha.
Brokeback Mountain   5/31/21
I'd say this is in my top 5 Ang Lee movies, but Sense and Sensibility was slightly better because the three ac

Satantango   5/30/21
This time (created by the various longshots in the film) can be used to examine the scenarios, scenery, and e

Freddy vs. Jason   5/30/21
My only real concern with the movie is that it still builds itself on some of the tropes left behind by A Nigh

The Conjuring 2   5/28/21
I'd give the third act a whole star over the first two acts just for it's exciting way of putting all the plot

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