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  1. 06-29-19
    I haven't been watching a whole lot of new stuff, but I'll watch some of the things on the WWE youtube page that catch my interest. I watched the Taker/Goldberg Saudi match. I know everybody hated it, but I'll defend that match as being at least good if I have to. And of course, AEW is catching my interest. I don't know how much I'll like it considering a lot of the top guys aren't guys that have ever made me care that much. Jericho and Moxley are somewhat exceptions to that. That Dustin vs Cody Rhodes match was fantastic though. WWE's main shows have been mostly dogsh*t recently, and right when AEW is buzzing like crazy. It just seems like an exciting time to at least follow the stuff going on.

    I'm curious on your take on the current pro wrestling landscape.

    Oh, and I thought heading to the Dallas New Japan show coming up for the G1. And I think if I cared a little more about their style, I would have gone.
  2. 06-29-19
    You watch/follow any wrestling stuff recently?
  3. 05-19-19
    Hockey is the 1 sport I never got into, probably because I never played. I just root for the home team.
  4. 05-18-19
    Oh yea, you a Cane's fan?
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