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I love movies but often my tastes in them don't match up to those of other "movie buffs." I'm also highly opinionated, so if I offend you, sorry (or not? Depends on who you are.) Biography
Northern California Location
Besides movies, I love music (mostly classic rock) and fiction writing. I'm currently working on my first novel. Hopefully I'll finish it in this liftetime. It's only been almost two decades in the making so far. Interests
Veterinary receptionist/assistant Occupation
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  1. 02-19-10
    Avatar = awesome. I'm guessing you put it up for Valentine's Day?
  2. 02-19-10
    Hey Vicky... Do you have time to turn in a top 25 favorite movie list? We need as many MoFos to turn one in as we can get...

    MoFo Top 100 Movies, Part III
  3. 09-25-09
    Your avatar wins again.

    Philip, this here's a time machine... love it
  4. 08-22-09
    Just seen you have Quills as your fave movie. I LOVE Quills too
Joker   10/05/19
In Phoenix's hands Arthur Fleck feels like a fully realized human, albeit one who is deeply damaged and distur...

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