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  1. 08-02-10
    jules turned a month old today and is wonderful!! as for me, i am sleep deprived, anxious to return to work soon, and love my new life!!! i already cannot imagine life without her!! when do u go back to school? in case u haven't seen it, u have to see inception!!! its amazing!!
  2. 07-22-10
    So I just watched Smart People and it was pretty good, but Ellen Page was AMAZING. I thought you would appreciate that. I assume you've already seen it, but if you haven't and you love Ellen Page as much as you do, you should go out and rent that movie immediately.
  3. 07-16-10
    You're quite welcome. Honestly, I can't express to you how refreshing it is to have a younger lady such as yourself that's not only interested in films. But also tries to "fit in" as much as you do. If you stick around, you'll not only find your place here but, I suspect you'll find that you belong here.
  4. 07-13-10
    Haha, thanks. I do try.

    I do believe it is time for a haircut, though! haha
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