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  1. 07-05-20
    Yeah I know mate. Yoda mucked things up by mistake while changing some code. I'll get round to it.
  2. 07-03-20
    Hey there, just so you know I glanced at your favourites just now and it's listing the wrong Once Upon a Time in the West, Naked, and The Ladykillers. Probably a good idea to change them.
  3. 08-12-15
    Yeah, I watched Man on Fire earlier this year for some reason and even now I feel like the fact that I rated it 2/5 was too generous. I don't have that strong an opinion about Star Wars these days to get particularly riled up about special editions, though I would unequivocally prefer the original versions to the new ones. As for Lars...well, I'm definitely not about to defend him.
  4. 08-12-15
    That's a really hard question actually, especially considering I've been a quote/unquote serious film watcher since the late 80s. I tend to forget bad experiences pretty quickly.

    Two films I remember flat-out hating in the cinema and they were Man On F*re (can't even bring myself to type the title correctly) and the remixed Star Wars Episode IV. Man On Fire was unbearable with all the flashy filters and camera tricks Scott was pulling and sadly became a signature of his in later years - Domino was even worse but at least I went into it with my eyes open.

    The Star Wars re-release was the worst cold-eyed money grab I'd ever seen. Not as overt as the later prequel trilogy but considering Lucas had done it to one of my beloved childhood films I reserved a special place in hell for him. Not even the slightest bit excited for the new film even though I'm square in the middle of its target audience.

    Then there's Lars von Trier, but as I've never been daft enough to experience one of his offerings in the cinema he's void here.