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Conversation Between John McClane and Sedai

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  1. 10-29-19
    Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement.
  2. 10-29-19
    I really do hear potential there. Just stick with it and keep working on interesting tones and sounds, and I think the tracks will just fall into place.

    Good luck!
  3. 10-28-19
    I appreciate you listening to Tonie Barde and giving me feedback. It has helped me make another turn on my journey.

    I finally agree with the people who say rapping is a young person’s game. Or rather it’s better to start young. I never should have stopped but happens.

    TL; DR - I can see myself being a glitch hop artist.
  4. 03-14-19
    Yeah, I only had one busted so I saved the other one for later.

    And first thing I spun was The Chirping Crickets.