Conversation Between John McClane and Sedai

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  1. 05-16-20
    Yeah, they just dropped news of chapter 11. Itís toast now. I gotta get out next week.
  2. 05-16-20
    I don't trust it. I do agree that I don't think they are gone for good, but that stock doesn't have enough going for it for me to jump in at this point. I am still long in blue chips, and for mid/high risk, I am in on some oil/energy. I also have a position open on a biotech that just received FDA approval on a drug. Will probably close on that on a swing trade at the end of next week. Happy trading!
  3. 05-15-20
    So my options are going to exercise and Iím going to be left holding shares of $jcp starting next week. Given todayís news/reaction I am inclined to see what happens. A buyout is not unrealistic. An out of court restructuring or loan. I donít see $jcp dying. I really donít. Iím clenched up so Iíll be looking for a good exit point. I suspect we will see slight retraction on Monday. Unless they release news. Then all bets are off.
  4. 10-29-19
    Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement.