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  1. 03-30-10
    Yep, she was absolutely gorgeous. Maybe she was having an off day? Maybe it was because she was blonde? Or maybe it's just her 'heavily rumoured' coke habit catching up with her.
  2. 03-29-10
    GA was hot and you can't take that away from her, haven't seen her recently though.
  3. 02-19-10
    I don't hate MDB, I just for the life of me can't see what, if appears, everyone else does. I thought it was ok until it took its 'neck breaking' turn of direction. After that, I lost interest more and more. I will take a look at it again though as it seems that, maybe, I'm missing something. It's a 5 or 6/10 film for me.
  4. 02-18-10
    lol. call me a sucker for cinema's take on strong willed women also these two films just so happen to be both in my top 100. Why the dislike esp for million dollar baby.