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  1. 03-22-10
    Actually I did this for two reasons. There all infinaitly interesting films, bold, awkward, unconforming and I beileve that there's a great film somewhere in all that mess for the most part with the exception of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW which is a simple disaster film I rather liked and LAST ACTION HERO which I think is a masterpiece. Did the directors lose control, become interested in some else more than what the film once was while making it. The second reason is out of curousity. I was wondering if anyone even payed attention to peoples favourite films lists such as I do. the answer is yes, thanks.
  2. 03-22-10
    I take it that your "favorite" movies are actually a big conglomeration of disasterous movies as a joke? Considering all ten of your previous favorites changed...
  3. 03-11-10
    Thanks for the recommendations......I'll probably watch Goodfellas tonight
  4. 03-11-10
    AFI top 100 you can't go wrong with these. Just depends on the mood your in.

    15. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 1977
    19. Chinatown 1974
    40. North by Northwest 1959
    46. A Clockwork Orange 1971
    47. Taxi Driver 1976
    48. Jaws 1975
    61. Vertigo 1958
    67. The Manchurian Candidate 1962
    80. The Wild Bunch 1969
    94. Goodfellas 1990

    As for best pictures not my favourite nessecarly but 5 intriguing choices the academy went with that I particularly love.

    How Green Was My Valley
    The Apartment
    Ordinary People