Conversation Between Austruck and John McClane

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  1. 04-25-21
    Btw, how is that typewriter doing?
  2. 04-25-21
    I would not say no to it, but you did send me a 2000 back when P/S2 ports were still a thing. So I donít want to impose. I did have to retire it but it did help on school papers while I had it.

    But yeah, eBay is exactly where I was looking at buying one. I have several Neo2s on my watchlist that are listed as new for under $75.
  3. 04-25-21
    YUP! I own several because they dropped so low in price on eBay. If I see them under about $25, I grab one. Not because I need three or anything... but sometimes I'll give one to a friend. You want one? You sent me that typewriter a long time ago. Maybe I can return the favor and send you a Neo.
  4. 04-24-21
    You still using your AlphaSmart? They are finally actually super affordable now and I think I may finally pick one up.