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  1. 05-19-17
    I'm not really sure. The thing was I was going to let you guys figure things out. It just kind of fell to the wayside, though. I'm a terrible moderator.
  2. 02-11-17
    Hey! Thanks. I am forever deleting those freakin' PMs, but I can't keep it caught up. Thanks about the John Carpenter group. That'll be great, but I just want you guys to be very certain. I'm glad your day is getting better. My days are getting a bit lazy. I must get back at it with my work.

  3. 02-11-17
    Hey you're inbox is full.

    Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for asking. I overreacted but please don't take it personally, I had a bit of a bad morning like I said.
  4. 08-10-16
    Good luck with that. I lost about ten more lbs, but it was because I was down and out for two weeks, in seriously bad pain. It's not a diet I would recommend.
    Keep us posted on how it goes. I'm back to lifting weights, and I'm going to post an update in my workout thread. It's pretty bad, as far as what I used to do, but I'll get there. I've never been one for giving up.