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  1. 02-09-20
    Looks like I've missed much of the countdown polls since I left in 2015. Sorry for not responding to your PMs.
  2. 08-13-13
    Ah nice, just checked out your last top 50 and also the art house list you did, I think all the films I've seen I pretty much love. Right now I'm trying to work my way through the lists on the site, got my S&S up by probably 40% in the last month, and should finish it soon. And yeh I watched In a Lonely Place, The Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep all in the last month, great stuff.
  3. 08-13-13
    That's just a random 10 which I picked from my current Top 100, which bears no resemblance to the Top 50 I posted two years ago. But yeh, In A Lonely Place could be one of the ten most impressive films I have seen.
  4. 08-13-13
    Not seen Stranger Than Paradise although I want to eventually watch more Jarmusch films. And I will eventually watch Johnny Guitar too, the other week I watched Ray's In a Lonely Place, which is in your top 10, I thought that was brilliant