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Conversation Between FilmFanaticgirl and planet news

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  1. 07-27-11
    My point is, it takes very little commitment or time to spam people, otherwise it wouldn't be worth it. Spamming by its nature, by its very definition, is a quick easily repeated process that isn't time-consuming at all, boilerplate messages. You're the one with the emotional commitment, you're the one who spends all your time here, you're the one who's mad and hot and bothered over an internet forum's arbitrary rules. Go cry to your forum mommy and daddy.

    Keep raging in front of your computer, little guy, I'll keep laughing my ass off and doing as I please. In the end, who's the stressed out one?
  2. 07-27-11
    Ah, you make a terrible mistake there. Messaging? It takes a second or two and no emotion or care. If anything it's detached, fast, and mechanical. But throwing a fit over a random message and spazzing out about the rules of an internet forum? That's all you, and all pathetic. Spamming by its nature is quick and replicated, copy and paste copy and paste, by its very nature your characterization is poor and laughably imbecilic. But you? U MAD. INTERNET MAKE ME ANGRY, INTERNET IS MY LIFE, U MUST FOLLOW INTERNET RULEZZ!!!!!
    I mean, you've actually made nearly FOUR THOUSAND posts here. Jesus christ. What a loser.
  3. 07-27-11
    "I spend all my time spamming other forums, everyone's private message inboxes, and now your profile, but you, sir, are the loser with no life."

    - You
  4. 07-27-11
    U MAD?

    Try finding a picture that expresses the sentiment: "I TAKE MY INTERNET FORUMS SERIOUSLY BECAUSE I HAVE NO LIFE"