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Conversation Between sty and Camo

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  1. 05-09-15
    Hi Destiny, everything worked itself out sorry for getting so dramatic there
  2. 05-09-15
    Don't delete it yet!!
  3. 05-09-15
    It's OK. I can understand. I use to hate when my threads would end up off topic. I either grew use to it, or I'm just too damn old to care.
    I have to say, Yoda read each post, and deleted your request. It looks like because it's an off topic section, it will get to stay posted. Sorry, sweetie! Sometimes it's hard to set up rules that make it fair for everyone, all the time. It's honestly impossible.

  4. 05-09-15
    No problem. I see what you're saying, I know I seem quite bratty here but I'd rather my thread be deleted than it be filled with Captain Spaulding's spam!