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  1. 01-30-17

  2. 01-30-17
    No, I agree, it's not just nostalgia. Apart from the morlocks and the overall effects, I liked the characters. The film drags a bit when he's with the Eloii, but his best friend and him has chemistry between them. I think my favourite scenes are when they're talking together. You get a feel that they're fond of each other while still holding differing opinions. Young does a great job here as the loyal friend of a somewhat wierd man. Besides, you can't have nothing but have respect for the man who gave Scrooge McDuck his voice.
  3. 01-30-17
    I saw it as a kid, too. Maybe that has something to do with it? However, every time I return to it I fall in love again.
  4. 01-30-17
    Thank you. It's a top 10 sci-fi list for the moment, but yeah I liked The Time Machine very much. Apart from being a classic, I really like the look of the Morlocks. Scared the ***** out of me as a kid. Saw it when I was very young, so maybe that's why it stuck with me. It is a 4 month old list, though, put together at the beginning of the top 100 sci-fi watching period, so it might be due for a update after watching a bit more sci-fi. Wouldn't be surprised if it stayed on the list, though.