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  1. 03-30-23
    i think just titling my review vertigo will get it confused with other people's reviews. So I put an emoji next to the title so it's different. Not sure if that's okay ? If it's moved again no worries I understand 👌
  2. 03-26-23
    There's a little box beneath where you enter your post (on the full page, not Quick Reply) with details, just take a look/click the link.

    More information here:
  3. 03-26-23
    Btw a member told me since I love writing reviews I should ask if my reviews could be shown in... Members reviews thread. Not sure how I would go about it but I'm definitely interested if that is possible?
  4. 03-26-23
    Just a quick note, no need to append "review" to each thread. It's implied by being in that forum. Also, please remember to run a search in the header for existing threads to avoid duplicates. Unless, of course, you want to start one single thread to hold all your reviews.