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  1. 06-20-10
    Hey DOM. Please, don't apologize. I've always considered myself lucky that people post here at all, so you shouldn't feel obligated. Working's a pretty good excuse, too, if you ask me. And I've actually been there -- where I feel like I've run out of things to say. I always get over it quickly enough, but I can relate.

    Anyway, we do hope to see more of you, but no pressure. Either way, thanks for stopping by, San Diego.
  2. 06-20-10
    Hello, Yoda. Not much. How have you been?

    I apologize for my inactivity over the past couple (or few, I guess I should say) months; on top of working a lot lately, I just...I don't know. I think I've lost my voice! After I've watched a movie, I want to come online and talk about it, but lately, I just can't think of anything creative to say. I think it's all of these hours at my sucky job getting to my head. :P
  3. 06-15-10
    Hey, what's new, DOM?
  4. 01-18-09
    I'm fiddling with a few things, so please disregard any problems you might have with the notifications menu for the next day or so..

    Also, in the future, I'd rather you report bugs in the approriate thread/forum. Profile comments aren't a terribly convenient place to troubleshoot.