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  1. 02-07-09
    Probably not, I haven't even really heard anything good about it yet.
  2. 02-07-09
    How about My Bloody Valentine? Are you gonna see that? 'Cuz alot of modern horror movies are remade these days.
  3. 02-07-09
    I'll hopefully be seeing it next weekend, I'm going up to my cousins house and whenever I go up there we usually see types of movies like that. I don't if we'll be able to though, seeing as the last time we did that was for Saw V and they wouldn't even let us in. I still want to see it though, even though I've only seen the original Friday The 13th, I still have to see the rest of the series though.
  4. 02-07-09
    Are you gonna see Friday The 13th remake? I hope they don't screw up Jason; and the movie itself.