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  1. 06-25-16
    Even if that's the case 100 in 16 days is incredibly hard to believe. That means you'd have to be watching at least 6 films a day, factoring in sleep and a life makes it pretty much impossible still unless you are talking about 10 minute short films which you aren't obviously and please don't try to claim that now.

    Sure we can start again if you stop lying, again i think you seem like a nice person but it is hard to take you seriously when you are posting others reviews as your own and making ridiculous claims. Don't know why you are trying so hard to impress people here, just be honest and people will get to know you and i'm sure come to like you.
  2. 06-25-16

    I'm not lying all the time. I may have got my numbers mixed up. I'm sorry if I did. I was meant to say 100 but bease I'm on my phone I pressed 400 instead and didn't realise until your comment came up. I am a nice person. I'm actually a great person when you get to know me.

    Can we start over again?
  3. 06-25-16
    What is up with you constantly lying? It is really weird. Not in a bad way because i think you are a nice person but it is starting to creep me out a bit.
  4. 05-31-16
    I'm sorry 🙁