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  1. 04-19-16
    What do you mean? You haven't played this one yet haha. I've got nine lists so far and it is working out very interesting.
  2. 04-19-16
    Hey Matt. Just wondering if you are sending in a Sheep list again? If you are here are the questions:

    1.A Quentin Tarantino Feature Film
    2.A Paul Thomas Anderson Feature Film
    3.A Two or more time Academy Award For Best Director Winner
    4.A Two or more time Academy Award For Best Actor Winner
    5.A Two or more time Academy Award For Best Actress Winner
    6.A Two or more time Academy Award For Best Supporting Actor Winner
    7.Someone who has been nominated for four or more Academy Award For Best Suppporting Actress
    8.A top 20 film on the IMDB Top 250
    9.A top 20 Tv Show on the IMDB Top 250 TV Shows
    10.A Movie Forums Moderator
    11.A Fifa World Cup Winner or Runner Up
    12.A Wes Anderson Feature Film

    This time it is lowest score wins the only rule is the answer has to be correct. The deadline is the 22nd so there's no rush i was just telling you in case you maybe missed it in the thread.
  3. 04-13-16
    Yeah, sorry mate a few people said that. This should work -

    Just read the first post then send me a PM with answers to the 12 questions on page three.
  4. 04-13-16
    I'd love to.. I clicked on the link and it said:

    "PAGE NOT FOUND:Sorry, we couldn't find that file. If you could take a minute to tell us how you reached this page so we can fix the problem, we'd greatly appreciate it:"