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  1. 10-20-13
    I assume it's the same Joe Hill who is actually Stephen King's son? He writes horror (a lot like his dad). I've got his "Horns" novel in the short rotation for TBR books here. (I actually bought it in hardback.) Why the Hill GNs instead of something like TWD? And, stop misusing "it's" ... sheesh. (Apostrophe always means "it is." Always.)
  2. 10-19-13
    Eh, I dunno. I don't think it's amazing or anything, though it's better than the show. I'd recommend Locke and Key, which is by Joe Hill; it's final issue comes out in like 11 days so the timing's good. Really good story, with a cool concept.
  3. 10-19-13
    Yeah, eventually. I feel as if I'm missing something. Plus, I've never really read a graphic novel of any sort (although I own one -- Outlander, of all things). I figured this seemed like a good introduction to the medium. No?