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  1. 03-22-14
    Nope, that hasn't happened at all since that first few days, I think. I just double-checked (opened a new tab, came here fresh, etc.), and it's fine. The right font from the first second. It's all good.
  2. 03-22-14
    Hey, are you still getting that flash where the header (and other elements?) are styled with the default font before the custom one comes in? I have a possible solution, but didn't want to bother unless you still see it semi-regularly.
  3. 10-20-13
    I'll check it out. So far, I like Hill. I didn't want to (I wanted to think he was just getting a foot in the door through Daddy), but his writing style is engaging. And he seems to have the right style (based on his novel writing) for something like a graphic novel. Plus, I bet he has his dad's outside-the-box thinking too. Thanks for the recommendation.
  4. 10-20-13
    Yeah, I know the "its" rule. I never don't know the rule or forget it or anything. I just type some things fast and don't pay attention to it. 100% of the time you see it, it's a typo.

    Yes, the same Joe Hill. I'm recommending it simply because it's better. Better art style, better concept, better story.