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  1. 01-08-17
    Hey, the deadline is tomorrow if you want to get your list in.
  2. 01-04-17
    Yeah, sorry. I'm not out, I watched Madagascar 2 and Treasure planet recently in fact, but I'm not much in the mood to write an extended comment right now. I'll be there in time!
  3. 01-03-17
    Hey, are you out of the Animation HOF then? Just saw you were online and it's done in a few days so i thought i should ask you.
  4. 03-02-15
    No problem. It's just a bit dissapointing to see this Countdown die, but it's to be expected on a Movie Forum. You could always send in a partial list if you can't come up with 25 , of the 25 i sent i'll be lucky to see 5 make it; and i'm sure any votes would be appreciated.

    Btw if you were to send say a list of 5, your 1 would still get 25 then 24 etc, some people were confused about that before just incase you want to send in a few.