Conversation Between Garrett and Caitlyn

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  1. 08-19-09
    Not much either way. I'll probably freak out a little the day before but it should be fine. That is my hope.
  2. 08-19-09
    I'm good... just working the graveyard shift now so half the time I'm on here, I'm nodding at the computer. School huh... are you happy about it or bummed out?
  3. 08-19-09
    Thanks for the welcome. I'm doing pretty good. I have a lot of free time lately, which is probably one of the things that brought me back. Going back to school in a week though. How are you?
  4. 08-19-09
    That's what I thought... but I've been so out of it when I'm on here lately I wanted to make sure. It nice to see you back though... how have you been?