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Conversation Between Deathly and The Rodent

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  1. 03-09-17
    Sounds really cool. Tried logo design once, but quickly found out the more creative minds are suited better for such invention and work.

    Now I know who I'll ask on this forum if I ever need a photo repair (or new banner/PP for that matter ).
  2. 03-09-17
    Yeah kinda like that, but the glasses make it look odd.

    I do freelance and as a hobby tbh.
    I just enjoy messing on photoshop.
    Have designed company logos from time to time, plus other stuff like t-shirt/jumper designs and such.
    I've done photo repairs in the past as well. People give me their old photos and I do a scan, and repair damage to the image and reprint the picture.
  3. 03-09-17
    I'm impressed, not to mention moved. A testament to the awesomeness of this forum.

    If you were thinking something along the lines of...

    Then that would be really cool, considering part of Voldemort literally lives inside Harry, but I reckon the way you did it fits better in a banner.

    Do you have a job in a field of design or just a freelancer/hobby? I'd bet on the former given the quality of that banner.
  4. 03-09-17

    Yeah I made that. I thought about a sort of half-and-half face using the two characters, but figured that having them as sort of bookends wither side of the picture was better