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Conversation Between wintertriangles and Yoda

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  1. 11-30-14
    He's a pitbull/lab mix. Here are some pictures.

    Anyway, sounds good. I'm fine with doing this shortly after the holidays, given how crazy they can be.
  2. 11-30-14
    Ah lovely, what kind of pup? Yeah I know, I need to arrange the next club asap, everything's finishing up mid-december though, so I'm assuming we'll schedule a recording for just after/just before the holidays
  3. 11-30-14
    Cool, thanks. And let me know if I can help with any Movie Club stuff. Most of my stuff has been put on hold since I got a puppy a month ago, but he's learned just enough that I sense some sanity coming up over the horizon.
  4. 11-30-14
    No, you're right, I have been less active, the usual things dragging down, nothing interesting. I'll send in a list tonight, just saw a Korean anime that I didn't expect to make it but will be in the top 10.